Driving Jobs With Chalkwell


We have a variety of positions for PCV drivers with the right qualities.

Full Time Bus and Coach Drivers

We have a mix of work available for full time bus and coach drivers. Our local bus services involve driving on rural bus routes and are all Monday to Saturday, with the latest finish being 7.30pm. Coach drivers can enjoy UK and European work, including our DayBreak programme. 

Rates from 5th November 2018:

  • Monday to Saturday (Standard) -  £9.60 per hour
  • Monday to Saturday (Enhanced) -  £10.60 per hour
  • Sunday (Standard) - £12 per hour
  • Sunday (Enhanced) - £13.25 per hour
For longer private hires and tours there are set daily rates.
We are also very happy to employ drivers on a casual basis

Part Time School Bus Drivers (Minibus and Full Size PCV) - Swale and Ashford

Work a few hours in the morning, a few in the afternoon and get the middle part of the day, weekends and school holidays to yourself. Applicants must have at least a valid D1 PCV licence, and be entitled to drive minibuses for hire and reward.

There are two options for payment. We can either pay drivers just on the days worked (roughly 190 school days per year) or we can spread payment over 52 weeks to give a more regular income. Spreading the payment over 52 weeks gives the same amount of total income over a year, but can also help those who claim tax credits or other benefits.

   Minibus (D1)   Standard PCV   Enhanced PCV 
 Swale Based - Daily rate when paid for days worked only    £42.50  £50 £55 
 Swale Based - Daily rate when paid over 52 weeks  £36  £42 £46
 Ashford BasedDaily rate when paid for days worked only     -  £58 £63.50 
 Ashford BasedDaily rate when paid over 52 weeks  -  £48  £53

 School bus drivers are welcome to additional work at weekends etc, which is paid at the relevant hourly/daily rate as per the full time rates.

What are 'Standard' and 'Enhanced'? - We have different pay scales for drivers. Those that prove themselves to be reliable, professional and flexible can move onto the Enhanced grade.

APPLY HERE or call 01795 423982