It was high water at Minster-on-Sea when Rotarian Margo Bronger, 77, launched her New Year’s Day sponsored dip in the briny.

She actually went into the cold water four times on New Year’s Day to raise funds to help fight dementia from which her brother suffers.

With a big smile on her face, plucky Margo, of Minster, said afterwards:  “It was brilliant – there was a great atmosphere, it was a good laugh and everyone was in good spirit.  In those circumstances the cold doesn’t really come into it.

“I dashed in and out four times over an hour and a half as people suddenly arrived and it was a really good fun day.  I am looking forward to doing it again next year.”

She is a Past President of the Rotary Club of the Isle of Sheppey and amongst those supporting her was fellow Rotarian Clive Eglinton, Managing Director of Sittingbourne-based Chalkwell Coach Hire and Tours.

She added:  “I would like to thank Clive for all he has done as well as arranging for me to borrow an inner tube which also made it good fun.”

Said Clive:  “Margo is one of our very good customers, hiring coaches from us for the groups she organises.

“She is a very energetic and fit lady who swims, rows, walks and plays golf.  As I graphically put it the other day, ‘she is a tough old bird.’

“She has set a target to raise £1,000 and has already reached nearly £800.”

In addition to Chalkwell, sponsorship was also provided by Sharrock Insurance of Sheerness,  the insurance broker for the Chalkwell fleet, and Watling Tyres who provided the inner tube which Margo is seen in the water with.

Said Clive:  “The event was arranged at short notice and, given the minimal advanced publicity, was remarkably well supported.

“I would estimate that there were 40 or 50 supporters and spectators, plus passers-by out for a stroll as well as dog walkers who very generously contributed £101.20 into the collection tins.

“Five others went in the water, the furthest travelled being Duncan Curtis from Austin, Texas, in the photo with Margo.

“The Sweet Hut opened early for us; the Coastguard and a lifeguard attended.”

He added:  With thanks to everyone for their support for the event and most of all to a very plucky Margo.

“Now that we’ve tried it, hopefully we can look forward to a repeat for New Year’s Day 2019.”