Borden Man's Praise for Chalkwell


A Borden man with disabilities has made special contact with Chalkwell for giving him a ‘lifeline.’

 61 Year old gentleman, has written a heart-rending communication to Chalkwell who he says give him ‘invaluable’ access to Sittingbourne shops and the Memorial Hospital.

“I would like to say that Chalkwell’s drivers are always helpful, polite and friendly. In addition, on the rare occasions I have experienced problems, Eve, Anita and other ladies in the Chalkwell office have been very helpful and kind.

“I am sure you know how good your staff are, but I do like to give praise where it is due and hope my comments are noted,” he told Chalkwell.

 The gentleman a  retired building surveyor, said in his communication with the company that he was severely sight impaired and partially paralysed following a major stroke four years ago which restricted his mobility.

He has difficulty walking and gets very out of breath after only a few metres.

He said today: “The Chalkwell no.8 bus is a lifeline for me to visit Sittingbourne’s shops and the no.9 is important to me for visiting the hospital.

“The bus gives me independence and also helps me achieve a reasonable standard of life.

“As I am getting better and more confident, I intend using Chalkwell buses to go further afield which will also help my independence.”

Added Richard: “Credit where credit is due, the bus operator is tops as far as I am concerned.”

Said Andy Bates, Chalkwell’s Operations Manager: “We are always pleased to hear from satisfied customers and this feedback is particularly appreciated.

“I have passed his comments on to all the people he mentions.”