Bus visit is just the ticket for Ollie, 5


Ollie Atack is a dedicated bus enthusiast – and he’s only five.

He collects model buses, books and dvds and loves attending bus shows.

Ollie’s father Roy, who is from Broadstairs, was visiting a customer in Canterbury when he spotted a Chalkwell bus.

He thought he would enquire about hiring a bus and contacted the Chalkwell depot in Sittingbourne.

As a result of the conversation, Roy, Ollie and grandfather John Anderson, 74 – himself a bus enthusiast – were invited to visit Chalkwell where yesterday (Wednesday) they spent over a couple of hours.

Ollie sat in the driver’s seat, started a bus – under supervision – and was taken for a bus ride around Sittingbourne.

“It is certainly something Ollie will never forget,” said Roy, 30, a self-employed business owner.  “I couldn’t believe the look on Ollie’s face throughout the visit.

“For a very talkative young man, he was speechless – but he never stopped smiling.  He absolutely loved every minute of the visit.”

Roy, whose home is in the St. Peters area of Broadstairs, said Ollie took after his granddad who has been a lifelong fan of buses.  “He spends a lot of time with his granddad and I think buses is something he would like to get into after this.”

Ollie, who attends Callis Grange Primary School, Broadstairs, thanked Chalkwell very much for the visit.  Said Karen Lockyer, Chalkwell Coach Hire & Tour Sales Manager:  “He is such a polite little boy – he was a pleasure to have. 

“When we heard that he was obsessed with buses and his father wanted to hire a bus to take him on a trip, we thought we would go the extra mile and invite the family to visit so that Ollie could enjoy the buses as well as have a trip.”

Added Karen:  “It was nice to be able to bring a BIG smile to Ollie’s face for something that we take for granted every day.  Ollies’s quote of the day was ‘it’s been awesome.’”