The Cat with Eight Lives


Workshop employees at a Sittingbourne garage are calling the black and white moggy they found under the bonnet of a car, brought in by a recovery vehicle, the cat with eight lives!

To the surprise of Chalkwell’s Peter Bottle, Rob Cooke and apprentice Ryan Hedges, the cat, whom they have subsequently found out is called Otis, was wedged in tight where the auxiliary belt of the Mazda car should have been.

The belt was damaged with bits of cat claw lodged in it, but judging by the amount of fur over the engine they reckon there must have been a big fight between cat and belt.

Receptionist and secretary Eve Payne called the local vet, Borden Lane Veterinary Surgery, and they promptly sent two nurses armed with a basket and protective gloves.

The cat, who was in shock, was gently pulled out from the engine, a bit bald in places, and had a couple of cuts.  But the nurses carefully put him in the basket and took him to the surgery.

Said Eve:  “They later phoned to say he had been put on a drip and luckily he had been chipped so they were able to get in touch with the owner who had been trying to find him by contacting local surgeries.

“He is showing signs of paralysis in his left front leg as well as having a few cuts, but is responding to dehydration treatment and doing as well as can be expected.”

The cat’s owners have visited the garage to find out if the car owner was alright and to thank Chalkwell for their help.

Added Eve:  “It would appear the cat didn’t return home when it rained heavily and must have taken shelter under the car, got too wet and climbed higher to get out of the water.  The owners realized something wasn’t right when some time later he still hadn’t gone back home.

“It is a known fact that during colder months animals tend to find somewhere warm and dry to sleep.  It is actually surprising where cats and small animals have been found.

“At this time of year in particular we advise drivers to get into the habit of checking their cars before starting the engine.”

Borden Lane Veterinary Surgery posted on their website that they are nursing Otis through his ‘very stressful ordeal’ and would love some well wishes.