Catch the Bus Week 2014


We are challenging people in our catchment area to switch one car journey to a bus journey during the forthcoming national campaign ‘Catch the Bus Week.’

If everyone in the UK switched just one car journey a month to the bus that would be one billion fewer car journeys on our roads and a saving of two million tonnes of C02.

This is one of the key messages we are hoping to get across to the public during the campaign which will run from April 28 to May 4.

The campaign is aimed at driving awareness of the benefits of taking the bus to encourage people who don’t normally take the bus to give it a try.

To mark the event we are running a competition whereby customers who travel three times in ‘Catch the Bus Week’ can enter their tickets into a prize draw for a year’s free travel.

“And two people will be winners of this attractive prize,” announced Karen Lockyer on behalf of the company.

The Air Ambulance mascot Dr. Dudley is supporting the event and catching the bus himself.

Chalkwell also say the ‘greener message’ is one of the highlights of the week. “It’s greener to get about by bus because buses are an effective way to cut carbon emissions and reduce traffic congestion,” said Karen.

“This is not only reducing the carbon footprint from transport but improving local air quality. At the same time, travelling by bus is an effective and less stressful way to travel improving health and well being.

“In addition, the bus helps support local communities and brings people together. For example, the bus is an effective mode of transport for everyone whether travelling to school, work, the shops or leisure activities.

“Economically, the bus is good value for money. Buses support economic growth for UK plc as every pound invested in buses is an investment in the future of our communities and high streets as well as young people and our future prosperity.”

Posters on Chalkwell buses will remind customers of the campaign.