Commuters to have GoCard Ticketing Technology



We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Chalkwell GoCard for our London commuter services. GoCard is a smart card ticketing system designed with our customers in mind.

We have listened to what people have told us and observed changing trends over the years. The introduction of their new GoCard, combined with multi journey ticketing, will meet a growing need for many commuters.

“I see this as a game changer,” said Roland Eglinton, Chalkwell’s Commercial Director.  “We are seeing a noticeable move away from Monday to Friday commuting with a lot more people working from home a couple of days a week.

“With a multi-journey GoCard, our customers will only pay for what they use.

“They can top up their Chalkwell GoCard on line and buy extra credit whenever they need it. It’s very flexible.

“The standard commuter model has changed and the coach sector has not necessarily caught up with that.  Neither has the rail.

“We believe we are one of the first in the independent coaching sector to adopt a smart card ticketing system for London commuters and have worked very hard to provide customers with this opportunity.”

Added Roland:  “This is a big leap forward from the existing pricing policy in a bid to provide a product which is more in tune with the needs of people who commute to London.”

Customers who also buy weekly, four-weekly, SuperSavers and annual tickets can also purchase their own GoCard tickets on line and top up as they wish.

To coincide with the launch we have also updated our timetables, pricing and website  in order to provide our customers with the information that they need.

Chalkwell GoCard will be launched on 1st June.