Double Decker Bus Novelty for Youngsters


Double Decker Bus Novelty for Youngsters

For some of the youngest children at a Sittingbourne kindergarten, a ride on a bus today was a ‘first’.

The bus trip around town was organised by Chalkwell for Little Treasures Kindergarten who are running a transport project for their two and a half to four year olds.

The choice of a double deck bus for the ride delighted the little ones who took advantage of the novelty of being able to travel on the top deck of the bus.

Chalkwell loaned the bus for about an hour.  Said Emma Jacobs, Chalkwell’s accounts technician whose mum Sue owns and runs the kindergarten:  “The 33 children really enjoyed the ride on the double decker bus.

This has really helped to make their transport theme come to life, she added.

Said Sue Jacobs: “The bus ride has been one of the best things we have organised for the children. Something so simple has had a very positive affect on them and resulted in a lot of speech based learning. This was especially the case throughout the actual journey and the scenes they experienced around the town.”