UPDATE: GoCards, Ticket Purchasing, 5 Day Fares Held



Important Information regarding purchasing GoCards and other tickets:


Following our previous announcements, the GoCard system will go live on Monday 1st June. GoCard is a new way of buying and using tickets for our London commuter services, providing our customers with more greater convenience and flexibility . As part of this we are setting up a secure online portal for taking payment, but this is taking longer than expected. It’s important that we get this part right, but obviously our customers need to be able to buy tickets in the meantime.


So you can still buy tickets and still benefit from the flexibility and savings of GoCards the following interim arrangements will be in place:



If you currently have an annual ticket you will receive your new GoCard by post during the week of 25th May and should be used instead of your old ticket from Monday 1st June. To buy a new annual in the meantime please call us on 01795 423982 and we will take payment over the phone and arrange for your new GoCard to be sent. Remember to make your purchase five working days before you want your annual to start so we can process payment and get the new GoCard sent to you.


Four Week and SuperSaver tickets.

If you currently have one of these tickets you can use it for travel up until its expiry date. You will automatically be sent a new GoCard with no value on it, so when you are ready to buy your first GoCard ticket give us a call to arrange payment and we will process the top up for you. Remember to have your GoCard to hand as we will need the number printed on the front.  You can use the same GoCard to top up again and again, although you will need to make payment three working days before you intend to use it.


5 Day (Monday to Friday) Tickets

For the week commencing the 1st June these will be available on the coach from the ticket collectors at the current prices of £67 for 731 Sittingbourne and Medway and £76 for 780-784 Maidstone and Kings Hill. That’s right, we are holding the prices of 5 day tickets for another week!


Multi-Journey GoCards

Multi-journey GoCards will be active from 1st June. To purchase Go Cards with 2, 4, 10, 20 or 40 journeys please call us on 01795 423982 and we will arrange payment over the phone and get your new multi-journey GoCard sent to out to you. To make top ups you will need to call us and have your GoCard to hand in order to quote the number. Just remember to make your purchase five working days before you intend to start using your GoCard for the first time, and three working days before top ups.


Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to having you travel with us. For more information about our commuter services, including GoCards visit www.commuteforless.co.uk