Holidaymakers praise for Chalkwell


Holidaymakers from the Isle of Sheppey and Chatham have been saying how much Chalkwell trips mean to them.

Pensioners Peter Smart, of Sheerness, and Jacky Miles, of Chatham, have both independently contacted Chalkwell to congratulate the company and express their praise for their latest holiday which was spent in Torbay, Bristol and Bath.

Neither could wait to tell Chalkwell how much they had enjoyed the holiday and to praise the entire Chalkwell team including driver Craig Pledger for being ‘attentive, polite, helpful and eager to make everyone relaxed as well as ensure they enjoyed themselves.’

Said Peter, 70, who worked for the ambulance service for over 30 years before he retired:  “The Chalkwell team have been great.  For our driver/courier it was his first trip and he looked after us like one of his own.

“He certainly went the extra mile and was fantastic in traffic situations.”

He said that another plus for him was being picked up on Sheppey.  “I think it is a big selling point for trips,” said Peter who recently gave up driving.

“My next holiday is in Wales and I would like Craig to be the driver again,” he added.

 Mrs. Miles, who was accompanied by her husband Leon, praised Craig for his handling of traffic on the M25 and M4.  “I felt sorry for the driver who really did get some traffic on the motorways.

 “I would like my thanks passed on to Craig who was polite and helpful all the way through from beginning to end,” she added.