Kent County Council Bus Service Consultation


Limited Offer

In the last few days Kent County Council have announced plans to  publish a consultation on the future of subsidised bus services in Kent. These are bus services, or parts of, that don't have enough users to be commercially provided by a bus operator, but there is a social need for them to exist. KCC then pay the bus operators a subsidy to provided these services. This consultation potentially affects several services operated by Chalkwell.

Service 326/327/328

We would like to reassure the many users of our 326/327/328 services that despite the list published by KCC this service is not being cut. KCC pay for the evenings and weekends and it is those parts of the service that are at risk. School buses are unaffected as KCC have a legal duty to get entitled children to and from school. Chalkwell provide the daytime service at our commercial risk and have done for many years

If you want to see the evening and Saturday services remain then there is time for you to respond to the public consultation and also talk to your local KCC Councillor

Services 367, 332 and 8/9/343/344/345 and WS3

At the moment KCC are proposing to remove these services in their entirety. However, they still have a statutory obligation to get children to their nearest school, so these journeys may be unaffected or will be possibly be provided in a different way.

If you are going to be adversely affected by the removal of these services then please respond to the public consultation when it is published, and also contact your local KCC Councillor to let them know how you feel.

As an independent family-run bus operator Chalkwell will continue to work with KCC to try and find alternative solutions that minimise impact to the general public.